Lady Kalindra, "Steel Princess" of Kendall




Lady Kalindra (CG Human Sor4) has always been favorably inclined toward fellow adventurers, and she has gathered a bold company of heroes to help her restore order to the land. She seeks to maintain Kendall’s morale and strength by reclaiming lost territory, rebuilding steads, and establishing warm foreign relations.

Once a rebellious tomboy, the hot-tempered, impulsive princess has won the hearts of the commoners. Lady Kalindra spent her youth fighting and riding in the plains with other young noble-born knights, and hates the gossip and revels of court life. Every attempt at arranging a political marriage has failed spectacularly, though rumors persist of a dalliance with a half-elven bard from Lakewood Hills.

Many of Kendall’s high nobles see her unladylike behavior, along with her younger brother Crown-Prince Alric’s illness, as signs of weakness in her family’s rule. And now with the mysterious plague taking hold, and Archstone looming aggressively on the horizon, intrigue is in season among the nobles of Kendall.

Lady Kalindra recently learned that her brother is being betrothed in an arranged marriage, and is intent on doing everything within her powers to stop it.

Lady Kalindra, "Steel Princess" of Kendall

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