(Chaotic Evil)(Orc 60%, Dwarf 8%)
Major NPCs: Brennan Bright-hammer (deceased)
Minor NPCs: Stefan Bright-hammer, Priestess Arianna (Pelor)

Armies of orcs have devastated Stoneridge. Its mining villages are ghost towns or pens of frightened slaves – dwarves who the orcs haven’t eaten yet. The orcs plunder the mountains for nefarious purposes. Wolves and other predators roam the spotted plains and hunt for food among the few remaining civilians.

Many dwarves fled to Crossroads Keep when the plague afflicted the miners. A few braves soldiers remained behind, pledging their axes to cover the escape of their loved ones. The survivors now living in Crossroads Keep have not given up hope of reclaiming their beloved Stoneridge, and await their revenge.


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