Lakewood Hills

(Neutral Evil)(Human 88%, Halfling 10%)
Major NPCs: Baron Murad
Minor NPCs: Tyberius Ward

Lakewood Hills’ sea trade is paramount, and her port is by far the most prosperous in the land. There is no greater fishing fleet in all the Kingdoms of Bel-Red, and her seafood can be found as far north as Belcarra and as far south as Summerfield.

Many mercenaries serve in Baron Murad’s army as caravan guards. To signify their loyalty, they wear badges whenever protecting his property. However, civilians not loyal to the Baron’s authority often raid the city’s caravans without hesitation. These attacks have slowed down since a peasant rebellion led by Tyberius Ward (CN Half-Elf Brd3) was violently put down several years ago, but the flames of unrest do not fade quickly.

The military of Lakewood Hills is strong, led by Baron Murad himself. An alliance of merchants is perhaps the next greatest power within Lakewood Hills, since they have wealth without need for the upkeep of personal lands. Assassins and spies are plentiful here, serving any number of masters or causes.

Lakewood Hills

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