Kingdom of Kendall


(Chaotic Good)(Human 79%, Half-Elf 9%)
Major NPCs: King Veland, Crown-Prince Alric (The Pale Prince)
Minor NPCs: Captain Marcus, Queen Alyssa

The plains of Kendall, which allow for its production of foodstuffs, are not the pride of the realm. Kendall is best known for its great architecture, which can be traced back to its origins as an elven settlement, but most foreigners know it for the general distrust that its people feel toward every nation that isn’t Belcarra.

Lady Kalindra (CG Human Sor4), adventurer princess of Kendall, is working to dispel that attitude. Her domestic popularity rivals the most beloved rulers, and she works hard to establish warm relationships with neighboring domains. Still, her nation struggles against a mysterious curse that only divine magic has been able to cure, proving that even popular rulers are not without troubles.

Kingdom of Kendall

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