Hextorate of Archstone


(Lawful Evil)(Human 83%, Orc 9%)
Major NPCs: King Grenell
Minor NPCs: Blackguard Shovah (Hextor)

Few members of the common races besides humans remain here. And while monstrous humanoids have lived in the northlands for centuries, recent decades have brought a sharp and worrisome increase in their numbers.

While the presence of orcs potentially threatens the kingdom, they may also hold it together. Every noble and lord in the northlands realizes that crossing King Grenell may bring down his wrath in the form of raids from his orcish allies.

King Grenell himself is ruthless and cold-blooded. His secular authority is augmented by his dominance in the Church of Hextor in the northlands. The line of succession in Archstone is unclear, as King Grenell has no children of his own.

Shovah (LE Human Blk4), former Blackguard of Archstone, has been on the run from political rivals for the last few months along with his younger sister Shaserra. They are currently members of the adventuring party from Kendall and, through this unexpected arrangement, Shovah has been performing somewhat benevolent deeds with his unholy powers. Thus far, Hextor has been pleased with the war left behind in the black knight’s wake.

Hextorate of Archstone

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