Free City of Riva


(Neutral Evil)(Human 79%, Halfling 9%)
Major NPCs: Lord Arras
Minor NPCs: Maurice “Silver Fox”

By many accounts, the Free City of Riva is a great metropolis. Its walled wards and reaching towers call to people like a shining beacon. Its expansive markets display half the wonders of the world, and people of all races and creeds tread its streets.

Lord Arras styles himself an enlightened despot, commanding a large standing army and navy. He rules with wisdom and austerity, but with an iron fist. Lord Arras desires to absorb the southern territory of Summerfield, and unify it into a coastal kingdom with the Free City of Riva as its capital.

Maurice “Silver Fox” (NE Human Rog3) is an infamous thief hailing from this region. In his youth, he was known to charm women out of their jewelry and liberate merchants from their gold with delightful ease. Now, in the twilight years of his life, he wants little more than to experience one last adventure and reconnect with his estranged son Marcus.

This desire is further complicated by the fact that his son is now Captain Marcus of Kendall, and Maurice isn’t allowed in Kendall under penalty of death by law, but an old thief can still dream.

Free City of Riva

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