Crossroads Keep


(Neutral Good)(Human 37%, Half-Elf 25%)
Major NPCs: Arvel Copperhand (Steward), Mazzy Tealeaf
Minor NPCs: Galen and Vesna Locke, Brutazmus The Bugbear

Crossroads Keep lies within the only natural passage through the surrounding mountains. Human and dwarven guards protect the western entrance of the valley from invasion. They may turn back travelers with a stern warning or attack outright.

The land surrounding Crossroads Keep was recently cleansed of an evil menace by the adventuring party from Kendall. A Bugbear named Kurjan had maintained a goblin warband that was regularly sent on errands of theft and banditry, forcing the destitute citizens to seek refuge near the Whisper’n Harpy Inn.

Due to his heroic efforts in the siege, the citizens elected a new leader in Duke Freyjador (NG Human Rog4). He repaid their faith by spending large sums of his personal wealth to rebuild the keep, restoring a desecrated Church of Moradin to its former glory, turning the Whisper’n Harpy Inn into an upscale tavern, and providing a safe haven for dwarven refugees from Stoneridge.

Crossroads Keep now serves as a home for the adventuring party, and Arvel Copperhand maintains affairs when the duke is absent.

Crossroads Keep

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