Tyberius Ward [DECEASED]




Born in Belcarra, Tyberius Ward (CN Half-Elf Brd3) talked little of his past, but his half-elven heritage was evident in his flowing blonde hair and sharp features. He claimed to have learned his craft from here and there, but rare moments revealed a strained relationship with a wandering human skald that may have been his father.

Known for his skill with both the lute and rosewood flute, Tyberius had played music in taverns and castles all across the land. Or at least he used to, before an ill-fated stint of servitude as private musician for the Lord of Lakewood Hills ended badly.

The half-elf was considered a rabble-rouser and dangerous rebel by the Lord of Lakewood Hills, who had offered a bounty of a thousand gold pieces for his capture. Tyberius evaded his pursuers through a wary mix of charm, disguise, and the use of diplomatic immunity as an ambassador of the realm of Belcarra.

Tyberius recently informed Lady Kalindra of a bugbear chieftain holding the people of Crossroads Keep in its thrall. Though he did help reclaim the fortress, he gave his life in the process. Tyberius did not have a history of altruism, and one can only guess why he had really revisited his former flame.

His ghost currently haunts the Whisper’n Harpy Inn of Crossroads Keep. And, on quiet nights, they say you can hear his rosewood flute and see his shade dancing along the outer bailey walls. The adventuring company from Kendall has not attempted to resurrect him, following his death.

Tyberius Ward [DECEASED]

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