Sten Karthic, Knight Commander




Sten Karthic (CG Human Ftr3) is knight commander of King Veland’s forces in Kendall, and it is his job to protect the kingdom borders from exterior threats. He is a lifelong friend of the “Steel Princess” Lady Kalindra, and taught her how to use martial weapons much to the dismay of her noble parents.

Following rumors of a monstrous warband mobilizing in the nearby mountains, Sten recently led a scouting party into the wilderlands. He tracked and encountered a massive orc, goblin, and gnoll army bearing an unfamiliar flag with a Chimera upon it but, unfortunately, he and his men were captured by the enemy in the process.

Sten was the only one to break free from his bonds and slay his captors, when he discovered the adventuring party heading toward the capital city. He went with them to warn the King of the imminent threat and prepare the defenses for the coming storm, which would be difficult considering the massive festival occurring in honor of Crown Prince Alric’s engagement.

To make matters worse, there are recent rumors of missing children and a dangerous beast roaming the countryside. Sten is currently working with guard captain Sawyer to begin preparing the city for a deadly siege. But the enemy may be even closer than anyone realizes…

During the wedding ceremony of Crown-Prince Alric, a pack of werewolves descended upon the crowd. Sten was front and center in the line of defense, cleaving beasts in half with his greatsword, saving the lives of many civilians. He now heads north with Lady Kalindra in search of aid from King Tessaril against the dreaded servants of Malar.

Sten Karthic, Knight Commander

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