Blackguard Shovah




Shovah (LE Human Blk4), former Blackguard of Archstone, has been on the run from political rivals for the last few months along with his younger sister Shaserra.

They are currently members of the adventuring party from Kendall and, through this unexpected arrangement, Shovah has been performing somewhat benevolent deeds with his unholy powers. Thus far, Hextor has been pleased with the war left behind in the black knight’s wake.

Shovah was not always a champion of Hextor. He grew up in Highland Village and was carried off to slavery in Archstone with his mother when he was still a child. His mother drew the attention of an Archstone noble (a cousin of King Grenell), and they were taken into his household.

Despising the circumstances in which he grew up, Shovah took service in the army, proving himself over and over in personal combat. Led deeper and deeper into corruption by his peers and King Grenell, Shovah became a Blackguard in service of Hextor. Shovah is powerful, with a fierce charisma that terrorizes his foes, and wades into battle with joyous abandon.

Shovah was badly wounded in a battle with a dire rat, in the Stoneridge mines, and was protected by his fellow adventurers. Since then, he has begrudgingly warmed up to being part of the team. For now…

Blackguard Shovah

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