Maurice "Silver Fox"




Maurice “Silver Fox” (NE Human Rog3) convinced a band of brigands to lend him a shortbow and let him join them in his youth. Leaving the Free City of Riva behind, he took to the work exceptionally well and became successful, was able to travel, and was expected to give in to dishonest behavior from time to time.

Forty years have passed and he’s never looked back.

Maurice is a relatively well-known figure in the southern lands, popular among the common folk for having ripped off several important nobles. Fond of playing the role of a lost old man, he has a short attention span and tires of serious people quickly, often engaging in mischief and thievery when he grows bored.

He commonly wanders the countryside of his own accord, serving as a lockpick for adventuring parties when he isn’t chatting up young ladies and stealing coin purses.

He recently learned that the guard-captain of Kendall is his son, and wants to establish a relationship before it is too late. His son is more interested in bringing Maurice to justice for robbing last year’s tax shipment, but a thief always wants what he can’t have.

Maurice recently discovered a magical ring (from an elven lord he knocked unconscious) that allows him to change his appearance at will, which will undoubtedly lead to all manner of trouble.

Maurice "Silver Fox"

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