Lady Aryanna




Lady Aryanna (NG Elf Clr2) is a gifted healer and priestess of Pelor, who traveled to assist the dwarves of Stoneridge during a recent outbreak of The Burning Plague, a terrible outbreak caused by a disease that was magical in origin.

The company of heroes led by “The Steel Princess” Kalindra were able to halt the spread of the plague, but were ultimately unable to address the cause. During her time spent easing the pain of those inflicted, she met Freyjador and an unexpected love affair blossomed in the face of the tragedy around them.

Following the successful capture of Crossroads Keep from the bugbear Kurjan and his goblin army, she met the newly crowned Duke Freyjador on her return to Belcarra. During their brief encounter, she revealed the possibility she was with child, and expressed her hope they would meet again in the future.

Lady Aryanna

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