Duke Freyjador




A renowned scoundrel, Duke Freyjador (NG Human Rog4) made his fortune in the world as both a merchant and charlatan. His heart was changed for the better, however, when his dying mother cursed him on her deathbed to be a nobler man. This curse would force Freyjador to do things for the greater good, and often against his will, much to his dismay.

More than one foe has underestimated Freyjador’s skills because they only see his public act as a roaring, womanizing braggart. As a member of the company of heroes, almost in spite of himself, he has slowly grown to become the cunning and compassionate hero that his mother never believed he would be.

These qualities have made him far richer than his business schemes ever did, as he is now a beloved member of the nobility and the savior of the dwarven refugees from Stoneridge. He has become noble in both deed and rank, surprising nearly everyone (including himself), fulfilling his mother’s dying wish.

Freyjador recently learned that he may be a father, having had a bittersweet reunion with Lady Aryanna, an elven woman from his past. Whether this fully changes his freewheeling lifestyle has yet to be seen.

Recently invited to the wedding of Crown-Prince Alric in an official capacity, Freyjador is having a hard time being taken seriously in Kendall. However, the self-proclaimed “Duke Burrito” takes it all in stride.

Duke Freyjador

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